Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've had some great critiques and encouragement around this blog. The whole blogging thing is still a bit of an anomaly to me. I forget that I'm not journaling in a leather bound book that sits on an unnecessary table next to my bed. Yes folks, this is the world wide web!
I hope that nothing that I've written has been discouraging or confusing. I pray that the content previously posted has encouraged and provoked thought.
A few posts ago I wrote about "Paul and his boys." The slang reference to the apostles probably wasn't wise, but it wasn't meant to be irreverent. I also wanted to clarify that my questioning around the validity of Paul and the apostles work wasn't based on the truth they taught or the Gospel, but rather the methodology and systems they used to carry out the truth.
I'm constantly working through thoughts that I don't understand. Then I post them here for the world to see. I will be more careful with my randomnocity. Thank you for caring about me, thank you for sharing my life, even if it's only through the most publicly private portal this side of the paparazzi.


At 5:59 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

oops! r u talking about me? i write w/o editing i didn't mean to sound offended or ranty-ish. you can delete my odd response. i enjoy your thoughts. i ate bad pizza that day


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