Monday, September 17, 2007

Multiple Voices in a One Track Mind

Multiple voices in a one track mind
Hundreds of stories laced, all entwined

Declared honesty ensnared in desperation
Ill intentions concealed to obtain donations

Perverse logic lends the hand to perpetuate
Endless craving for a chemical reaction seals fate

Societies tourniquet wrapped too tightly
Perceptions confirm the condemnation nightly

This vicious cycle seemingly standard
From suburbs to sleepless streets everyone is slandered

So concerned with specks scratching another’s iris
Conveniently ignoring our own fatal virus

Crack, aids, anorexia, and adultery
Laziness, lust, jealousy, idolatry

Greed, strife, arrogance, fury
Loneliness, fear, impurity, misery

All deigned specifically to devour
Darkness consuming.castrating our power

But hope is alive and redemption is an option
Cry out for life, seek permanent satisfaction


At 4:27 AM, Blogger Megan said...

Wow....this is great Teddy. I was so excited when I saw you had posted and you didn't disappoint.


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